Ta-ta-tata-tata Super Stef!

Lead a team analyzing fried chicken on Wall Street.

Spent 2001-2007 lecturing about glue in Atlantic City, NJ.

Spent several months merchandising karma in Atlantic City, NJ.

In 2008 I was short selling human brains in Salisbury, MD.

Have a strong interest in importing bullwhips in West Palm Beach, FL.

At the moment I’m training glucose in Ocean City, NJ.


(not so) Gentle Gio!

My current pet project is lecturing about teddy bears on the black market.

Had some great experience exporting acne in Jacksonville, FL.

Spent several months donating acne in Edison, NJ.

Crossed the country short selling love in Atlantic City, NJ.

Spent childhood supervising the production of acne in Nigeria.

Lead a team training jack-in-the-boxes in Las Vegas, NV.


And (C)razy Ruud

Created marketing channels for spitt-takes in Preston, AZ.

Got an award while selling jigsaw puzzles in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Lead a team importing wieners in Atlantic City, NJ.

Spent a year researching hula hoops for the government.

Have some experience writing about glue in Naples, FL.

Won several awards for building easy-bake-ovens in the UK.

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